Who We Are

The Nathani Charitable Trust (NCT) is a non-profit organization established in 2003 under the Bombay Public Trust Act, 1950 vide registration no. E 21276.

The objective of the Trust is to uplift the underprivileged sections of the society with financial assistance offered for higher education, housing or business purposes in the form of seed capital. The trustees of NCT saw these two – education and shelter – as the means to break the vicious cycle of generations-old poverty in the disadvantaged sections of our society.

While most other voluntary organizations support only meritorious students, at the time of the inception, the NCT trustees decided that although meritorious students being prime responsibility but also to specifically address the needs of the most marginalized students; low academic scorers and school dropouts – who for economic reasons are unable to complete their formal education, end up taking up the same unskilled jobs as their parents, and are unable to break-free from the cycle of poverty. The needs of these students, our trustees realized, remain largely unmet, leading to unrest and crime in their later years.

The NCT funds individual cases, based on a careful assessment of their financial need, irrespective of marks or merit; caste, creed or religion. The idea is to encourage students to study according to their ability and grow; help finance viable small-scale businesses to flourish or provide shelter to destitute women with encumbrances along with food support, until one of their children grow up to shoulder the family responsibilities. This emphasis on Need, and not just Entitlement led to the birth of our mission - Charity with Dignity. In other words, the financial aid that NCT provides is time-bound and linked to positive outcomes, as eventually, our objective is to make the beneficiaries self-reliant and not permanently dependant on alms.

A bulk of NCT's current beneficiaries are fatherless children, widows and divorcees, who the trustees believe can be inspired and encouraged to overcome all odds of their circumstances with a little financial assistance from the Trust. Indeed, several of our one- time beneficiaries have now become our active donors, interested in helping other disadvantaged families.