Governance & Management

(Founder member and Trustees)

  • Late Mr. Abdul Majid Nathnai & Late Mrs Maimoona Nathani
  • Late Mrs. Maimoona Nathani
  • Late Mr. Abdul Rashid Nathani (Trustee)

Current Managing Committee Member

  • Mr. Abdul Hamid Nathani (Managing Trustee)
  • Mr. Maqsood Nathani (Trustee)
  • Mr. Shabbar Ujjainwala (Trustee)
  • Mr. Nadeem K. Supariwala (Trustee)

Nathani Charitable Trust comprises of Chief Executive Officer, NCT staff has four Programme Coordinators; 5 Program Executives, One full-time Psychologist, one support staff and one front desk executives to help in the able management & administration of the NCT. Highly qualified, the team has been hand-picked by the Trustees for their unstinted dedication and devotion to their work and the welfare of the community that the Trust supports.